Your 计费 Experience

To complement your monthly paper or paperless bill, you have access to an online Interactive Bill that provides additional insights into your energy use and charges.

How to read your Bill

Looking for an overview of your bill? Learn about the different sections of your bill by selecting your bill from the list.

注意: The various bill types are for informational purposes only. Your actual rates and charges may vary.

Standard 住宅 Customer
预算帐单 Customer
能源计划 Customer
Net Meter Customer
太阳选择 Customer
Zap Cap Systems Customer
天然气 & Electric Combination Customer

Features of your Bill

When you receive your 纸法案 from Tampa Electric, you’ll see the following components:

账户 Summary & 消息传递
The account summary component highlights information of high importance to you, offers easy payment options and detailed messaging regarding your bill.
计费 Insights and Recommendations
Make informed decisions with billing insights. Access month-over-month, year-over-year and daily usage comparisons with actionable recommendations on how to save money and energy, 只为你!
Robust Usage Chart
The Interactive Bill features both a daily and monthly usage graph, with the ability to see how temperature data affects your bill. You can choose to view temperature data, usage data, or cost data by using the controls on the graph.
计费 Summary & Charge Explanations
The 计费 Summary shows a clear layout of all your charges with a distinction between utility charges and taxes. Want to know what a charge means? You’ll have the ability to click on the question mark next to your charge for a definition.



A. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to access the terms and definitions that apply to your bill. You also can understand your charges by clicking on the tooltip on the Interactive Bill.

A. Scanning the QR code will take you to your online account to access your Interactive Bill.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the camera application on your mobile device
  2. Hover the camera over the QR Code until it is visible on the screen
  3. A border appears around the QR Code, and a link appears on the screen
  4. Once the link is visible through your camera, click on it
  5. This directs you to your Tampa Electric account
  6. Login to account using your username and password

Interactive Bill

A. The Interactive Bill is a resource for you to access personalized insights, view important messages regarding your billing, understand bill fluctuations, 和更多的.

The 纸法案 and the Interactive Bill are built to work together seamlessly. While the 纸法案 simplifies your billing information, the Interactive Bill provides a thorough overview of your usage details and account history, allowing you to dive deeper into areas of interest.

A. No, the Interactive Bill is a tool available for you to use in addition to your 纸法案. The Interactive Bill displays all of the same information on your 纸法案 but provides more details if you wish to dig deeper.

A. The Interactive Bill will reflect near real-time information reflecting any payments made, current balance, and any other adjustments to the bill.

A. 是的, you can access month-over-month, year-over-year and daily usage comparisons with actionable recommendations on how to save money and energy.

A. 是的, only those with the account username and password can log in and view your billing information. Learn more about our privacy policy.

A. If you receive a 纸法案 in the mail or a paperless bill, it will have a QR code that when scanned will direct you to your online Interactive Bill. After logging in, you’ll be taken directly to your Interactive Bill. You can also sign in at then select a billing period to access your interactive bill for that timeframe.

请注意: To access the interactive version of your bill, you must create an online account or sign into your existing account.


A. 是的, the bill has gone through extensive ADA testing to make sure all components that are included can be acknowledged by all.

Paperless 计费

A. To switch your billing preference to Paperless, you’ll need to login to your account and click Paperless 计费 from the main landing page. Under settings, there is a toggle to turn paperless billing on or off.

A. 是的! As a Paperless customer, you will receive an email each month, also known as a Paperless Notification, letting you know that your bill is ready to be viewed and paid. You can compare your actual bill to the annotated version of your type of bill in “How to Read your Bill” section above.

Typical charges that appear on your electric bill

Basic Service Charge

The monthly Basic Service Charge covers the cost of maintaining your electric meter and the wires that bring electrical service to your home or business. It also covers the cost of reading the meter, maintaining customer records and accounting for bill payments, credit and other transactions. Every customer incurs this charge – even if electricity isn't used during the month.


The monthly 电费 includes all other costs of producing the electricity you purchase, 除了燃料. This includes conservation, environmental and capacity cost recovery charges.


The monthly 燃料费用 translates to the cost of fuel used to produce your electricity. Fuel costs are passed through from our fuel suppliers to you with no markup. Depending on the programs you participate in, you may see other items on your bill such as Zap Cap Systems®, Renewable Energy, Outdoor Lighting, 分享, 和其他人.

Average kWh per day – The average amount of electricity purchased per day.

Basic Service Charge – A fixed daily amount that covers the cost to provide service to your location. This charge is billed monthly regardless of any electricity used.

聪明的选择SM – The associated fees and charges for leased outdoor lighting services.

预算帐单 – Optional plan averages your home’s last 12 monthly billing periods so you pay the same amount for your service each month.

Clean Energy Transition Mechanism (CETM) – A charge to recover costs associated with electric meter upgrades and the closing of certain coal generating plants to support Tampa Electric’s transition to produce clean energy.

电费 – For residential, small commercial and lighting customers, includes the cost (除了燃料) of producing and delivering the electricity you purchased, including conservation, environmental and capacity cost recovery charges. For other customers, the three cost recovery charges appear as separate line items.

估计 – If Tampa Electric was unable to read your meter, “ESTIMATED” will appear. Your meter will be read next month, and any difference will be adjusted accordingly.

Florida Gross Receipts Tax – A tax is imposed on gross receipts from utility services that are delivered to retail customers in Florida, in accordance with Chapter 203 of the Florida Statutes. Utility companies collect the tax from all customers, unless exempt, and remit to the state.

Florida State Tax – A tax imposed on every person who engages in the business of selling or renting tangible personal property at retail in the state, in accordance with Chapter 212 of the Florida Statutes.

特许经营费 – A fee levied by a municipality for the right to utilize public property to provide electric service. The fee is collected by Tampa Electric and paid to the municipality.

燃料费用 – Cost of fuel used to produce electricity you purchased. Fuel costs are passed through from fuel suppliers to our customers with no markup or profit to Tampa Electric.
Kilowatt-Hours (kWh) – The basic measurement of electric energy use.

Late 付款 Charge – For past due amounts more than $10, the late payment charge is the greater of $5 or 1.5% of the past due amount. For past due amounts of $10 or less, the late payment charge is 1.5% of the past due amount.

Municipal Public Service Tax – Many municipalities levy a tax on the electricity you use. It is collected by Tampa Electric and paid to the municipality.

逾期 – Previous charges that are past due are subject to a late payment charge fee and may result in disconnection.

Prime Time PlusSM – A residential program that offers a monthly credit on your electric bill for allowing Tampa Electric to temporarily interrupt power to certain appliances during periods of extremely high demand for electricity.

产量表 – The amount (rate) you pay depends on your customer category. The cost of providing service varies with the customer group.

分享 – A Tampa Electric program that helps pay energy bills for customers in need. 想帮忙吗?? Your tax-deductible contribution is matched by Tampa Electric and is administered by a third-party.

Storm Protection Charge – The cost of additional hardening efforts to further protect the power grid from hurricanes or other extreme weather events.

Storm Surcharge – The charge that will recover the cost of storms charged to the storm reserve.

太阳选择SM – The cost of producing energy you purchased from dedicated solar generation facilities. You pay no fuel charge for the 太阳选择 portion of your bill.

太阳来了SM – The amount of electricity purchased from solar generating sources serving the 太阳来了 program, which provides optional renewable energy purchases in 200 kWh blocks.

Total Amount Due – This month’s charges will be past due after the date shown. THIS DATE DOES NOT EXTEND THE DATE ON ANY PREVIOUS BALANCE. It’s important that you pay your bill before this date to avoid interruption of service.

Zap Cap Systems® – Surge protection for your home or business sold separately as a non-energy charge.


View terms and definitions that apply to a Peoples Gas bill.

About bill estimating

On rare occasions we may have to estimate a billing amount based on past customer electricity usage. In the unlikely event that a meter does not transmit a reading or we’re unable to access the meter, we’ll estimate using a multi-step calculation that takes into account your prior electric usage as well as recent weather impacts. This helps us make an accurate estimate when a physical reading is not possible. Any needed corrections will be reflected on your following billing statement.

A bill tutorial video to learn how to:

  • Access your Interactive Bill
  • Take advantage of the benefits your Interactive Bill offers
  • Locate specific information that appears on your 纸法案