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Tampa Electric is committed to delivering reliable, always-on electric service. Unfortunately, when severe weather hits, power outages can occur. To ensure we restore service as quickly as possible, we prepare year-round mock storm drills, continuous training, emergency response plans and investments like our Storm Protection Plan. Our proactive approach helps reduce storm damage, power outage durations and restoration costs. And it helps ensure we continue to deliver 99.98% service reliability in blue skies and gray.

During severe weather when unpredictable safety hazards pose a risk to you and our crew members, safety is our top priority. That’s why conditions must be safe before our crews can begin restoring power. To learn more about severe weather safety, visit our Storm Safety page.

During a widespread power outage, our goal is to restore power to the largest number of customers in the shortest possible time. That's why we take a priority restoration approach.

Storm restoration process

Our priority restoration plan helps the community recover as quickly as possible.

Tampa Electric serves all customers equally. However, it is possible for your neighbors' power to come back on while yours is still out due to widespread storm and infrastructure damage. Unpredictable damage may cause restoration crews to make repairs at multiple spots along a single electric service line. As repairs are completed, some customers may receive power while others may not. Sometimes, customers have different service lines, even within the same neighborhood. If you are on the same service line as your neighbor, damage to your electrical equipment or meter may interrupt electric service to your home. You may also see Common Outage Causes for more information on why your power is out.

Watch this short video for detailed information about our power restoration process.

Experiencing a power outage?

To report it and get updates about the status of your electric service:
  • Sign up for outage notifications. You can receive texts*, emails, and/or phone calls regarding your service and other important information.
  • Text OUT to 27079 to report an outage. Text UPDATE or STATUS for updates on your reported outage.
  • Visit our outage map to report and track outages in your neighborhood. You can learn the cause and restoration status in addition to the number of customers affected and the estimated restoration time.

*Message and data rates may apply. If the number you text from is not recognized, you will need to register to report outages and get updates. For new registrations, please have your 12-digit account number and zip code available.