We’re dedicated to enhancing our reliability, resiliency and security.

Our highest priority and responsibility is providing safe and reliable electricity to our customers every day. 继续交付99.98 percent service reliability to our growing region, we work year round to strengthen our system against extreme weather and other risks. Since 2021, we invested in system improvements that:

  • Increased the reliability of our service by more than 30 percent.
  • Reduced the frequency of power outages by more than 20 percent.
  • Shortened the duration of those outages by almost 30 percent.

Read on to learn how we’re continuing to enhance our service reliability.

Modernizing and balancing our power generation capacity

We're proud to have powered our community for more than 125 years. During this time we've worked hard to assess and utilize the latest technologies and resources to optimize our efficiency, 降低燃料成本,降低排放. 


坦帕电 currently has the highest percentage of 太阳能发电能力 佛罗里达州所有投资者拥有的公用事业公司. Since 2017, our solar investments have saved customers over $200 million in fuel costs. 目前, 澳门线上真人博彩官网的太阳能项目每年生产1亿美元,252 megawatts of electricity - enough to power more than 200,000个家庭. 到2026年底, about 17 percent of 坦帕电's energy will be generated by the sun, and we could provide enough solar energy to power about 260,000个家庭.


坦帕电 has made significant investments in the efficiency of our 电站. 澳门线上真人博彩官网的 大弯现代化 project is a prime example of 坦帕电’s ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon emissions and balance our fuel mix. Big Bend Unit 1 is now the most efficient generator in our fleet. This project repowered Big Bend Unit 1 with state-of-the-art combined-cycle technology and eliminated coal as that unit’s fuel. This project can now produce enough energy to power more than 250,000个家庭 and will save customers more than $700 million over its lifetime.

Hardening our system through our 风暴防护计划

澳门线上真人博彩官网的长期 风暴防护计划 strengthens our system against extreme weather events, 比如飓风和热带风暴, 通过地下选择架空线路, 用钢或混凝土代替木杆, modernizing our equipment and managing vegetation that causes outages. Through these actions, we’ve improved our reliability and:

  • 减少瞬间闪烁超过50%.
  • 减少了40%与树木相关的中断.
  • 缩短电力恢复时间.
  • 削减与风暴相关的修复费用.

Upgrading our technology to automatically restore service without sending a crew into the field

澳门线上真人博彩官网已经安装了超过81万个新的 数字智能电表 at customer homes and businesses throughout our service area. This innovative technology modernizes our grid and improves reliability by automatically alerting us when there is an outage, 这样澳门线上真人博彩官网就能更快地修复它.

Our investments in self-healing technology enhance our communication systems and enable the automatic and remote restoration of some services. This technology automatically isolates outages and routes power around the problem without sending a worker into the field. This dramatically reduces the number of customers affected by the outage – and speeds restoration.

And we installed "recloser" devices on power poles across our service area. These are designed to stop power interruptions before they impact additional customers.

Securing critical company facilities from extreme weather and cyberattacks

To be better prepared for extreme weather and cyberattacks that can disrupt the reliable flow of electricity, we’re moving our key facilities and critical energy control operations further inland, 远离潜在的风暴潮和洪水. We are also upgrading our critical energy management systems, which are used to deliver energy to customers. These proactive measures allow us to meet increasing security expectations and requirements, strengthen our defenses against severe weather and mitigate potential system damage.

Improving community safety with advanced lighting capabilities

澳门线上真人博彩官网维持在230多个,000盏灯穿过佛罗里达中西部, including Hillsborough County and parts of Polk, 帕斯科和皮内拉斯县. We’re investing in technology that ensures the reliability of our lighting, which helps to keep our roadways safe and to reduce crime. 这项技术包括 智能网络控制, which allow faster repairs and reduce maintenance costs by automatically notifying us when a light goes out. Other technologies include smart city applications, installation of energy-efficiency light-emitting diode (LED) technology and solar-powered streetlights that remain operational during extreme weather conditions - delivering lighting our community can count on. 澳门线上真人博彩官网鼓励大家 报告街灯暗 所以澳门线上真人博彩官网可以很快恢复服务.

Learn more about how we're delivering reliable energy now and in the future.



Even with all our enhancements, power outages still occur. 访问澳门线上真人博彩官网停机地图 to report or get status updates on your outage.



阅读澳门线上真人博彩官网的 可靠性概述 to learn  more about what causes power outages and how we're working to minimize them.



Following a widespread outage, we work to return power to the largest number of customers in the 最短的时间.